Friday, June 27, 2008

Lillie's Rabbits

My friend Jennie won a free custom painting I offered as a door prize at one of our Ladies Retreats. She was expecting a daughter, Lillie, and had found a painting at a store and asked me if I could replicate it. I told her I would do my best.

After completing it, she was very happy with it. I am happy with it too, but don't really know how to get the colors 'softer'. I am guessing I could experiment with some kind of glaze, but haven't had time to figure it out.

Original at the Store

My replication

Jordan's Room

I have really been slacking in decorating my daughter's room. I have a huge canvas that I wanted to paint a scene that coordinates with her nursery bedding but have never gotten around to it. Now that she's about to be two and get a new bed, with new bedding, I suppose I will just wait and see what her 'new design' will be before I paint.
This is one small name placard I painted for her. It hangs over her crib. The letters, instead of being hand-painted on like all my other works, are painted wooden letters hot-glued on. My mother-in-law bought them when she was born thinking I would do something with them and this is what I came up with. The striped background is her wall.

Baseball Locker Room

Our realtor and friend, Diane, commissioned this wall art. She told me the story behind her three little nephews and I just really wanted to make something special for their room. Diane's family used to house foster children when she was young. Some came and went quickly, while others were with them for years. One particular foster brother became very close with the family, and they still keep in touch.

A couple summers ago, the brother and his wife had twin baby boys. They already had a 3 year-old son. One of the little twins was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome. This young family was living in a two bedroom apartment, so all three boys were going to have to share one room.

Diane asked me to paint something for her to give the family as a baby gift. She said the boys' room was in a baseball theme, but other than that really had no other direction. I decided to try to make a painting set that allowed the theme of the room to come together, but also give each boy a part that was his own. I came up with the idea of making a set that looked like a baseball locker room. Each boy's painting is a locker with his jersey, and the final locker is the game equipment. They live in Texas, so I painted in Rangers' colors.

I put a lot of time and thought into trying to make this a very special gift for Diane to give to this special family.

Abby Kate and Joshua

My friend Sunny had asked for some letters to go over her son Joshua's crib. The room was navy with red accent in a sports theme. I decided to do it for their his birthday present. For Joshua's twin I just made up a painting with her name that coordinated with her green and cream "bee" nursery bedding.


I painted these for my friend Brooke. She wanted wall art for her daughter Caley and didn't really give me any direction to go in. I had heard her mention before that she loved the children's book Hermie, A Very Common Caterpillar, so I took the key line out of that and developed an original painting from it.

Maddison's Room

I painted these for my niece Maddison's room. They were pretty much directly (free-handedly) copied from her wallpaper border. They just wanted some matching wall art that went with her bedroom set.


I painted this for a baby shower gift for a friend. It was a pretty quick job--low on the details! The mom was a teacher before a SAHM.

War Eagle!

I painted this for my friend Paige. She wanted an Auburn University painting for her son Joshua's room.

Lawson's Room

I painted these while pregnant with my first child--This was my first attempt at canvas painting. The ideas are all original and the lettering is all free-hand. Ignore that my camera was very poor quality!